Success Securing FEMA Public Assistance Funding for Water and Sewer Operator

BRC Successfully Securing FEMA Public Assistance for Water and Sewer Funds

When disaster strikes, the aftermath can be financially devastating for communities and their critical infrastructure. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, the Port of the Islands Community Improvement District (CID) in Collier County, Florida, faced significant financial challenges in recovering from the storm’s impact on its water and sewer utility operations. However, with the dedicated assistance of Berquist Recovery Consulting (BRC), the Port of the Islands CID successfully secured FEMA Public Assistance funding, effectively eliminating the frustrations and technology challenges associated with FEMA programs.

Aerial view of the bustling ports of islands with Berquist Recovery Consulting experts evaluating disaster preparedness and recovery strategies.

The Challenge

Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on the Port of the Islands CID, causing extensive damage to its water and sewer utility operations. The CID’s critical infrastructure suffered flooding during the hurricane which impacted its ability to provide essential services to the community. Faced with the complexities of the FEMA Public Assistance program, the CID needed expert guidance to navigate the path to recovery.

The Solution

Berquist Recovery Consulting stepped in as a trusted partner, providing invaluable support and expertise to secure FEMA Public Assistance for Water and Sewer funding to the Port of the Islands CID. Our dedicated team actively engaged in a multi-faceted approach to assist the CID in recovering its financial losses and ensuring that its water and sewer utility operations were restored and resilient.

Programs & Funding

  • FEMA DR4673

    Through this program, we accessed FEMA's public assistance funding to address the damages caused by Hurricane Ian.

  • 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

    We explored opportunities under the HMGP to mitigate future risks to the CID's water and sewer utility operations.

  • Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC)

    We worked on strategies to enhance the CID's infrastructure resilience and preparedness through the BRIC program.


While our journey with the Port of the Islands CID is just beginning, we have already made significant strides in the recovery process. With FEMA Public Assistance funding secured, we are actively working on the following key accomplishments:

  • Water Wellfield Mitigation: Initiating essential mitigation measures to safeguard the CID’s water wellfield infrastructure.
  • Keeping Critical Services Online: Ensuring that critical water and sewer services remain operational for the community, even in the face of future disasters.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Berquist Recovery Consulting’s comprehensive approach encompasses the following key components:

Damage Assesment

Meticulous documentation of all hurricane-related damages, including infrastructure, property, and financial losses.

Insurance Claims

Facilitating insurance claims by providing necessary evidence and documentation.

Emergency Funding

Guiding the CID in accessing emergency funding from FEMA and state disaster relief programs.

Federal Assistance

Maximizing the CID's eligibility for federal disaster relief resources.

Budget Adjustment

Revising the CID's budget to accommodate unexpected expenses and reduced revenue projections.

Cost Tracking

Accurate record-keeping of all expenses related to recovery for reimbursement and audit purposes.

Reimbursement Process

Pursuing reimbursement for eligible expenses through various funding sources.

Financial Oversight

Establishing a dedicated financial oversight committee to monitor and guide the cost recovery process.

Public Reporting

Ensuring transparency by keeping residents and stakeholders informed about financial recovery progress.

Long-Term Planning

Assisting in the development of a comprehensive disaster resilience plan for the CID, including infrastructure preparedness measures.

The Conclusion

Berquist Recovery Consulting is committed to supporting the Port of the Islands CID throughout its financial recovery journey. By securing FEMA Public Assistance funding and providing expert guidance, we are helping the CID rebuild, restore, and strengthen its water and sewer utility operations, all while minimizing the financial burden on its residents and property owners. With BRC’s assistance, the Port of the Islands CID is well on its way to a more resilient and secure future.