Recovering Federal Reimbursements for COVID Expenses: A Case Study on How BRC Assisted UNC Health

UNC Health, a prominent healthcare system, faced substantial financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In their pursuit of recovering federal reimbursements for COVID-related expenses, they sought BRC’s assistance. This case study outlines the strategic approach we implemented to help UNC Health successfully recover thousands in much-needed federal reimbursements, thereby alleviating their financial strain and ensuring continued quality care provision.

COVID Doctor

The Story of UNC Health

UNC Health, a leading healthcare system in the region, witnessed a significant surge in COVID-related expenses during the pandemic. These expenses included personal protective equipment (PPE), testing supplies, facility modifications, and additional staffing requirements. However, the healthcare system minimize obstacles in recovering federal reimbursements, they engaged with BRC for our expertise in navigating the complex proces of obtaining federal reimbursements.
We began by conducting a thorough assessment of UNC Health’s COVID-related expenses. This involved meticulously documenting all expenses and gathering the necessary supporting documentation, including invoices, receipts, and employee records. Our team collaborated closely with UNC Health’s financial and administrative staff to ensure accurate and comprehensive documentation, aligning with federal reimbursement guidelines.

Understanding the intricate compliance and regulatory landscape surrounding federal reimbursements for COVID expenses was crucial. We conducted an in-depth analysis of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines, CARES Act provisions, and other relevant legislation to ensure UNC Health’s compliance with the requirements. This included identifying and assessing reimbursable expenses, timelines, and necessary documentation for submission.

To expedite the reimbursement process, we implemented a streamlined approach. This involved developing a systematic workflow and documentation management system to organize and track each step of the reimbursement process. By creating clear timelines, assigning responsibilities, and implementing quality control measures, we ensured that UNC Health’s reimbursement claims were submitted accurately and promptly.

Why UNC Health Chose Berquist Recovery Consultants

Effective communication and collaboration were key to success in recovering federal reimbursements. BRC established open lines of communication with UNC Health’s finance and administrative teams, keeping them informed about the progress of each reimbursement claim. Regular meetings and updates were provided, addressing any concerns or questions promptly. This collaborative approach fostered trust and a shared commitment to achieving the desired outcomes.

For any initial reimbursement claims were denied or disputed, we had a robust appeals and advocacy strategy and made plans in advance to ensure all submitted claims were adequately supported. We meticulously reviewed denial reasons and explored alternative avenues for reimbursement, leveraging our knowledge of federal regulations and FEMA reimbursement processes. Through effective advocacy, we engaged with relevant government agencies and representatives to present UNC Health’s case, highlighting the essential services provided during the pandemic and the critical need for federal support.


Our strategic approach yielded significant results, enabling UNC Health to recover federal reimbursements for thousands in COVID-related expenses. The outcomes achieved include:

  • Successful reimbursement of all documented COVID-related expenses.
  • Timely submission of reimbursement claims, minimizing financial strain and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Strengthened compliance with federal reimbursement guidelines, reducing the risk of penalties, audits or repayment obligations during the closeout process.
  • Improved collaboration and communication between UNC Health’s teams, fostering a streamlined process for future reimbursements.
  • Enhanced knowledge and understanding of federal reimbursement regulations within UNC Health’s finance and administrative staff.

Through BRC’s meticulous assessment, streamlined processes, and effective communication, we successfully assisted UNC Health in recovering significant federal reimbursements for their COVID-related expenses. By navigating the complex compliance landscape and advocating for their needs, we ensured the healthcare system received the necessary financial support to continue providing exceptional care to the community. This case study exemplifies the importance of a strategic approach and expertise in navigating the reimbursement process, particularly during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.